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2005 Jaguar X-Type


Jaguar X-Type

Service Date
Services Performed
  • 2nd Emission Test Passed the same day
  • Brake Measurements: LF.4B RF.4B REAR – Replaced Tire Measurements: LF.7 RF.6 LR.6 RR.7 *** Front brake pads are low & should be checked in 6 months *** *** Coolant stain under left side by-pass hose *** *** Driver door panel is loose *** *** Right front wheel center cap is missing *** *** Master Cylinder Cap should be Replaced ***
  • Test on Scanner Found 5 Codes: P0101 – Mass Air Flow Circuit Performance Problem P0430 Code – Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold Bank 2 P0456 – EVAP Control System Leak Detected Very Small Leak P1260 – Theft Detected Vehicle Immobilized P1582 – Electronic Throttle Monitor Data Available Run Data Tests – Troubleshoot Stored Codes Check IATN Web Site & Tech Service Bulletins Monitors for emissions became ready while technician was running tests for codes. Tech rec. to start by replacing MAF Sensor
  • Install New Brake Pads. Check Caliper Operation & Brake Fluid Level
  • Includes: Clean & Adjust both parking brake shoes that are located underneath the rear brake rotors.
  • RIGHT REAR CALIPER – Remove & Replace
  • Includes: Bleed System
  • Change Engine oil and oil filter. Check Engine air filter. Check fluid levels and tire pressures. Lubricate and check chassis
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